Refreshing modern decorative pillow covers inspired from modern artists like Kandinsky, Klimt, Picassao and interpreted in the palette of colored soft wool or art silk.

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Modern Cat Pillows


Exquisite Shawl Collection. Finest hand embroidery craftsmanship blended with modern style !

Kashmir shawls are world famous for their embroidery, beauty, design and texture. These shawls are woven on a handloom and are then hand embroidered by the finest artisans who have mastered art of needle work over generations. In Kashmir wool woven from the ibex goat found at 14,000 above MSL. is called Pashmina. The rarity of this soft wool makes it more precious than gold by weight.

To inspire is to inflame. From delicate and graceful to bold and chic, our necklaces invigorate and exhilarate your senses. Your jewelry vibrates with you, resonating and inspiring others. Each one of our necklaces is chronicled with its own enticing adventure, enabling you to choose just the right piece for yourself or as a gift.

Papier Mache is a delicate decorative art which reflects the artistic zeal of a craftsman. The durability of paper overlaid with the luxury of lacquer makes a timeless centerpiece.

Finest Silk Rugs made by the Finest Artisans of Kashmir

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There’s nothing like the experience of Jamawar. Luxury presents itself to the mind on many levels. You see it, you touch it, you feel it, you resonate with it. A luxurious shawl is sumptuous, elegant – refined. Jamawar shawls convey all that and more. Run it through your fingers. Slide it around bare shoulders. There is nothing else on earth like a Jamawar shawl – it’s an intense work because the embroidery covers the entire base fabric. Since these take several months to create, only the finest artisans attempt such a feat; they can only produce one or two a year. Not only their art, but their very being goes into its creation.


Kashmir Handcrafts’ line of decorative, embroidered accent pillows is pure art in chain-stitch. Browsing the cushions category of the Kashmir Handcrafts website is like browsing an art gallery. These embroidered cushion covers are a 15th century handcraft finely honed into contemporary art. The designs of the pillow covers are a mixture of art across the centuries worked into the finest Kashmiri craftsmanship the world has to offer.
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