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Size 8 Green Turquoise Ring Sterling Silver Cocktail Rings

$155.00 $95.00
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This turquoise ring is handcrafted in beautiful natural tibetan green turquoise stone which is enclosed in sterling silver hand carved in unique oriental design. Set in .925 Sterling Silver and handcrafted by the finest artisans in unique vintage designs of the mysterious east, this ring radiates the allure of the turquoise stone. The entire piece is given a lightly brushed oxidized finish to bring out the details.

Turquoise has been known from Tibet to the Americas as a peace-bringing, life-giving, stone of protection.Tibetan turquoise carries a distinctly different vibration and has traditionally been used to assist in raising one’s level of self-confidence. It is said that if the lack of self-confidence goes back several generations that Tibetan turquoise can reach back through the familial lineage to change the entire vibration.

Finely handcrafted by only the finest artisans.This ring is very unique in design and royal in looks and would be a wonderful addition to your jewelry collection.

Size 8                Stone Size: 17mm  x  12mm
Weight9 Gms.        Top Dimension: 28mm x 15mm
Metal.925 Sterling Silver
Stones Turquoise     All Natural Stones
FeatureHandmade, Handcrafted
CountryKashmir, India