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Papier Maché Mughal Court Vase 27″H

$1,795.00 $1,195.00

This lovely vase is 27′ tall and brass lined so that it can be used for real floral arrangements or just as an accent piece. Frolicking hinds on a yellow desert floor form the background motif. Superimposed over the background are circles containing royal scenes from the Mughal Dynasty. Pinks, greens, browns, varying shades of blues and greens, with delicate gold shading have been handpainted onto this highly appealing jardiniere.

It’s hard to believe these pieces began as molded paper pulp. While the basic shape comes from a mold, the last layer before painting is applied fresh to strengthen and smooth the surface. After passing through the hands of several artists and craftsmen, each specializing in a specific layer of the process, an object of exquisite beauty comes to life. These artisans have inherited the essential skills and aesthetic intelligence that it takes to fashion this art.

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