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Miro Cushion Cover “Creatures” Red HANDEMBROIDERED

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Miro Pillow Cover – Exquisite chain-stitch needlepoint embroidery and design inspired by the works of modern artist, Joan Miró. Creatures in the manner of his ‘Constellations’ portfolio abound here, in fine Miro style . Vibrant colors are used to create a contemporary and festive atmosphere. These unique pillows work as an excellent throw pillows and are a must for accessorizing any sofa, couch or chaise lounge. Available in red (pictured here), white, or orange background.

Chain stitch is finer form of crewel embroidery. Here the whole base of the pillow is covered with embroidery creating distinct swirls. Kashmiri handcrafted embroidery is the finest quality chain-stitch needlework in the world.

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Composition: 70% Soft Wool, 30% Cotton

Size: 18′ x 18′ (45cm x 45cm)

Pillow Insert not Included




The fine chain stitch work of world-class Kashmiri handcrafters and artisans is comprised of swirls of soft Kashmir wool thread as unique as your fingerprint. Soft and expressive colors are juxtaposed in various abstract forms. This toss pillows which will make an excellent artwork pillows for your contemporary home. These modern throw pillow covers are handcrafted by Kashmiri artisans, and are of the finest chain-stitch embroidery in the world. This decorative modern throw pillow was designed and handcrafted in a cottage industry which spans the whole village from the hand-dyed thread to the finished product. Cover an existing throw pillow or put it over a new pillow form to create a focal point in your décor.

Miró’s artwork never became fully non-objective nor did he resort to complete abstraction. He devoted his life to exploring various means by which to dismantle traditional precepts of representation. He balanced spontaneity and automatism with meticulous planning and precision and because of this, his artwork, seemed plausibly representational in spite of considerable abstraction. Miro used bold and expressive colors.

The eye-popping color and pattern of this modern throw pillow is just what the designer ordered to create a fiery focal point in your décor. Perfect wherever you need a splash of color, this art work pillow creation is as durable as it is beautiful. Easy to care for, this cushion cover could spark up an old throw pillow or grace a new pillow form.

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