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“Metamorphosis” Exquisite Malachite & Silver Necklace

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This necklace is to be worn by the serious seeker of intense inner transformation. Malachite is the stone that leads from victory to triumph. Malachite will accentuate the sight and intuition of the wearer by intensifying every emotion. Some people believe that malachite is still evolving and that it will become a profound healing stone for this millennium. It is said to heal heart wounds by drawing out the negative energy. This necklace contains the stones of active healing work combined with specific shapes, motifs, and materials which aid in balancing the transformation. The verdant elegance of malachite is portrayed in rondelles, large oval tube beads, and hexagons, the latter of which will aid in smoothing and harmonizing your metamorphosis. These are combined with the energies of handcrafted .925 silver beads, in classic stylized seed motifs. The oval central bead along with the ornate round beads, discs, and small silver beads are perfectly placed to enhance the malachite.




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