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Iridescent Labradorite Sterling Silver Necklace

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The pictures of this gorgeous necklace do not do it justice, but be sure to examine the close-ups where you can see the glorious iridescent qualities of this less well-known iridescent labradorite. This stone has a different vibration from the more common labradorite; this stone is said to aid you in accessing your higher mind. The clusters are gathered with handcrafted antique silver caps, and the lovely circle and bar clasp is also antique silver.Labradorite is such a beautiful and mysterious stone. Almost chamelionic in its inner flashes of blue, green and gold. It can look like a beautiful thunderstorm, or the depths of the ocean on a glorious tropical day.This labradorite necklace has lots of gorgeous blues, greens and gold flashes. The stones were by the finest artisans of Kashmir.

Measurement: 20 inches in total length

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