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“Eye of Fatima” Carnelian & Antique Sterling Necklace

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Perhaps a highly stylized version of the Hand of Fatima (also known as Hamsa which means 5), an excellent symbol of protection. In this case, the large central cabochon of carnelian would represent the warding eye. The antiqued silver pendant is delicately carved with flowers, seeds, and fashioned with spirals. On the necklace, there are 5 antique silver beads, all exquisitely handcrafted, two of filigree, and a central silver bead connecting the pendant to the necklace is carved with a pattern of overlapping concentric circles. Perhaps the most unusual beads are the two elongated silver beads which look like flower pods with a satin-like texture. Two falls of orange carnelian cascade from the ‘chain’ on either side of the pendant. The chain itself consists of twin strands of clear orange carnelian nuggets joined by silver loops and beads, with each end capped in an elegant tripod leading to a loop and bead closure. Carnelian was used in ancient times to protect the dead on their journey. Today it has the power to release us from the fear of death, as well as other negative conditioning, and to aid in bringing about a positive state of mind.