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 All of the jewelry at Kashmir is handcrafted of .925 Silver (Sterling) and semi-precious stones. Much of the silver filigree work is done in traditional Kashmiri and East Indian symbology. Other pieces are fashioned with Native American symbolism. Each piece tells its own story, from the magical properties of the stones to the significance of their design.

Both men and women have adorned themselves with metal, stones, and beads for millennia. The fascination never dies. And while modern synthetic materials have brought about unusual and sometimes striking creations, there is no substitute for the timelessness of natural stones and metals, especially for the healing and magical energies that surround them.

Each piece makes a bold statement about you as the wearer, about your taste and your lust for life. Not everyone will say something, but you won’t go unnoticed when you wear a piece of Kashmir Handcrafted jewelry.

Mystical and captivating allure await you, brightening your very aura.

As you go through the photos of the pieces, be sure to read each one’s story which can help you determine which pieces are just right for you. At times, pictures can be deceiving, and the energies conveyed are better described than pictured.