Papier Mâché Decorative Art

Papier Mâché Hand Crafts. In addition to small, decorative pieces, Kashmir Handcrafts carries rare and hard-to-find items entailing hand-embossed and hand-painted scenes from the Mughal Era. Each gleaming papier mâché piece will provoke many conversations in your home.

It’s hard to believe these pieces begin as molded paper pulp. While the basic shape comes from a mold, the last layer before painting is applied fresh, and sculpted or embossed by hand. After passing through the hands of several artists and craftsmen, each specializing in a specific layer of the process, an object of exquisite beauty comes to life. These artisans have inherited the essential skills and aesthetic intelligence that it takes to fashion this art.

Several of our pieces are brass-lined making them practical as well as lovely.

The art of papier mâché came to Kashmir via a 15th century Kashmiri prince who was imprisoned in Samarkand. To pass the time, he learned several of the local arts and crafts, and later returned to his homeland to perfect the art of papier mâché.

As you look at each piece, be sure to zoom in on the picture and take advantage of the several angles provided in order to appreciate the immense amount of fine hand work that has gone into it.


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