Wall Art

In a bygone era, interior stone walls were warmed by wall fabrics. These days, wall art warms in a different way – by adding a complementary glow and focal point to the décor. The late Thomas Kincade, known as the painter of light, said, “Everyone can identify with a fragrant garden, with beauty of sunset, with the quiet of nature, with a warm and cozy cottage.”

Our collection of Wall Art includes Hand-Embroidered Jewel Carpets studded with semi-precious stones and very fine pictorial silk carpets depicting various scenes.

Make warmth come alive
with a pictorial silk wall hanging handcrafted by Kashmiri artisans

Pictorial Rug

Kashmir is proud to present a rare assemblage of pictorial rugs from various parts of the world. Pictorial rugs with images of people are extremely rare, as most of the rugs are adorned with floral or geometric patterns. The first evidence of rug design dates back to the 9th century BCE, and the oldest know pictorial rug is from the 6th century BCE. The subject of pictorial rugs include kings and leaders, stories from the Bible or the Koran, and legendary heroes and poets.

Kashmiri art and handicrafts go back over 500 years, with design inspiration from Persia and other nearby nations. Dating back to 1398, Taimur invaded India, and the Sultan Sikander of Kashmir came to terms with the invaders. As part of his tribute to the invaders, he sent his son back with the Amir to Samaekand, his capital. Taimur, in addition to his military ambitions, aspired also to be a great patron of the arts, letters and philosophy. Therefore, the exile for the young Kashmiri prince proved instructive and stimulating, and he made good use of this rare opportunity. When he returned and ascended the throne in Srinagar as Zain-ul-Abedin in 1423, he collected around him skilled craftsmen and artist who began the great art tradition of Kashmir.

Over time, carpet weaving in Kashmir has attained extraordinary levels, and can claim some of the finest hand-knotted carpets in the world. While retaining the original techniques, great advancements have been made. The pile itself is now made of the fine silk from mulberry worms raised in Kashmir expressly for these carpets. The resulting sheen and luster give interplay of infinite reflections, and become even richer over time as they are used. The density of knots has been refined to achieve suppleness unknown in Persian carpets of wool. Still cottage industries, these works of art are woven in the artisan’s home, with various family members assisting. The pattern, or taleem, is “sung” and pliant weaver’s fingersrespond by creating specific number of knots in a particular color.

An Urdu couplet says:

“They are purse proud in the world that can practice some handicraft.
The fingers of a craftsman are the keys to the treasury of Kashmir.”

Jewel Carpet

  Owning a rare and magnificent Jewel Carpet woven of jewels and precious metals is like possessing the splendor and grandeur of the Mughal Dynasty…

 A Zardozi Jewel Carpet is a magnificent and exceptional piece of art. This art thrived during the Mughal era and received the patronage of Kings and Royal families. Semi-precious stones, hundreds in number, depending on the size and design, are meticulously crafted and fixed in golden or silver threads to create a fine object of wall hanging or tapestry.

Jewel Carpet is prepared by highly skilled Master craftsman. They must possess the technical know-how and patience to pass a needle thousands of times through cloth with, not thread, but a thin metallic plated wire creating an exclusive item which magnetically attracts people’s gaze. The plated wires are artistically interwoven on velvet cloth with fringes on all four sides. This is decorated with stones in utmost precision and balance. Originally the design was conceived to rival the delicate hand-painted European tapestries. The Jewel Carpet is sometimes endowed as a gift on marriage occasions and used for wall hanging. Kings, Nawabs and Rajas, usually purchased the carpet in bygone days, but with change of social order and economic scenario everywhere, this is now an item for people of utmost taste.
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