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 Papier Machie Elephant

Long ago, a Kashmiri prince was imprisoned in faraway Samarkand. He used his time well, becoming the finest artist of Persian handcrafts anyone had ever seen. When he returned to his homeland, he took his incredible talent with him, and so began a legacy of find Kashmiri handcrafts such as those you find here…


“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul” –Henry Ward Beecher

Above all other talents, the aesthetic sensibility and hereditary skills are most essential in the  craftsmen of Papier Mâché.

Papier Machie has become highly stylized and appealing by using real gold and silver paint and by adding intricate decorations and sculpted embossing. Among other rich designs is the ‘Arabesque’, done in gold against a brown or red ground to show sprays of rose blossoms in fine lines and ‘Armand’, an elaborate design built up in spirals with gold rosettes radiating from various centers and white flowers laid over gold scroll work.


Some items like bowls and vases are lined with brass, while on special order boxes and other items are ornamented with gold and silver leaf depicting landscapes or Tree of Life patterns, object which form an inseparable part of Kashmiri lifestyle, and scenes portraying the historic glory of the Mughal Empire.
The Papier Mâché objects produced in Kashmir today varies from Christmas ornaments to coasters and includes boxes of every imaginable size and shape. These objects are not only beautifully decorated but are surprisingly light and strong. Their coating of lacquer protects them from water and gives them extra durability.


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