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Divine Spirit Cushion Cover Silk Hand Embroidered 16″ X 16″

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Divine Spirit Cushion Cover Silk Hand Embroidered – This tribal design pillow cover is hand embroidered into a scene (Divine Spirit) inspired by Native American Novajo tribal art and embellished in Red, Navy, Gold and rust embroidery. These unique exotic tribal throw pillow covers can create a splash by pulling accent colors from the art and accessories in a room to tie it all to your own signature look. Native American designs are beautiful and inspiring and work great in creating tribal toss pillows. They contain myriads of elements which can be pulled together to create whole new works. Each symbol in these decorative pillow covers has deep meaning, and together they produce works that are not only attractive and desirable for aesthetic reasons but also for their ability to enliven and elevate the vibration of the room.

Composition: 70% Art Silk, 30% Cotton
Size: 16″ x 16″ (40cm x 40cm)
Hand Embroidery: 100% Art Silk
Pillow Insert not Included
The fine chain stitch work of world-class Kashmiri handcrafters and artisans is comprised of swirls of Art Silk thread as unique as your fingerprint. Bold and expressive colors like navy with various tones of reds, gold and brown’s are juxtaposed in various abstract forms. This decorative toss pillows which will make an excellent artwork pillows for your contemporary home. These modern throw pillow covers are handcrafted by Kashmiri artisans, and are of the finest chain-stitch embroidery in the world. This decorative modern throw pillow was designed and handcrafted in a cottage industry which spans the whole village from the hand-dyed thread to the finished product. Cover an existing throw pillow or put it over a new pillow form to create a focal point in your décor.

A close-up view of this abstract pillow cover allows you to see the amazing chain-stitch embroidery work of master artisans who have practiced this art their entire lives.This abstract decorative pillow cover could grace the cabin of your boat or the chair in your solarium and yet be equally as comfortable in your den.

The eye-popping color and pattern of this modern throw pillow is just what the designer ordered to create a fiery focal point in your décor. Perfect wherever you need a splash of color, this art work pillow creation is as durable as it is beautiful. Easy to care for, this cushion cover could spark up an old throw pillow or grace a new pillow form.

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